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- Simon Green Photography - Photographer (01736 366626)
Unit 20e, Longrock Industrial Estate, Longrock, Penzance, TR20 8HX

In 1993 Simon joined the British Army and served with the Royal Green Jackets and travelled to Cyprus, Jordan, Bosnia, Egypt, Israel, the Falkland Islands. Simon was recommended for special duties in Northern Ireland where photography became a big part of his life. He then retrained as an Army photographer and became a surveillance photography instructor for special forces and security services. Simon also served in Whitehall as a Press and PR Photographer for the Army where his duties included photographing HRH the Queen and Prince Philip.

Simon left the Army in 2002 to work as a freelance photographer and has quickly gained a reputation for creating beautiful, dynamic and stylish photography. Simon's wide and varied experience and technical knowledge enable him to get the most out of his subjects.

Simon has been awarded over 60 merits and awards including 2007 BIPP Western region Advertising Photographer of the Year, 2006 SWPP Landscape photographer of the Year, BPPA 2008 Award of Excellence in Fashion Photography and is an Associate of the British Institute of Professional photography. He regularly teaches, mentors and advises on photography. His clients include BBC, Channel 4, National Magazine Company, The Financial Times, WED magazine.

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