Indian food is good for you!

It is a common misconception that Indian food is unhealthy. Always freshly cooked, with plenty of vegetables and a good balance of protein and carbohydrates, enjoying Indian food is a great way to achieve a balanced diet, and what’s more, many recent studies have discovered that the spices and herbs in Indian food can have fantastic health benefits. Here are a few examples:

Garlic – aids digestion, lowers cholesterol, decreases blood pressure and has anti-clotting effects. Recent research shows garlic to be beneficial in the treatment of diabetes.

Ginger – speeds up metabolism, inhibits nausea, calms spasms, soothes digestive problems and contains antioxidants, thus protecting against disease.

Chilli – reduces congestion, prevents stomach ulcers, aids cardiovascular health and could ease arthritic swelling and pain.

Turmeric – rich in antioxidants, researchers have discovered that turmeric may help prevent cancer and could prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Cumin – a good source of iron and manganese, helps digestion and prevents bloating.

Mustard - a stimulant that can be used to relieve respiratory complaints. Mustard seeds aid digestion and could help prevent cancer.

Coriander – a good source of iron, magnesium and fibre, helps relieve anxiety and insomnia and is used in India for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Cinnamon – contains powerful anti-ageing, disease-fighting antioxidants, improves blood circulation, has blood-thinning properties and lowers blood glucose and cholesterol.

Cardamom – used medicinally to soothe digestive disorders, reduce congestion in the lungs and to treat infections in the teeth and gums.

Cloves – stimulate digestion, reduce congestion, anti-inflammatory and are used for the treatment of toothache.

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