The Golowan Festival & Mazey Day 2011


mazy day 2007 2008 2009 penzance festival quay dayThe Golowan festival (Cornish for midsummer) is the festival of St. John and is held in Penzance each year in late June. Although it is an old tradition, it was revived by a group of artists and local schools in 1991 in order to remember the local area heritage. The festival is ten days long, culminating in the Mazey weekend and notably Mazey Day on the Saturday.


A Brief History

Golowan was one of the last mid summer festivals practiced in Cornwall. In the 1890’s, the Penzance government outlawed the festival due to the rising insurance premiums for the towns business community. Traditionally the towns streets were lined with alight tar barrels which were paraded around. The surrounding hills had bonfires set at the top, throwing dancing shadows all around mounts bay and beyond.

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Golowan Festival 2011 - Dates to Remember

The festival this year is between 18th June to 26th June.

  • Mazey Eve - Friday 24th June 2011
    Penglaz, the Penzance obby oss is set loose around the quay area, leading a procession of dancers and musicians. There is a fair held next to jubilee pool and there is many music events in the surrounding area, including a large music tent at the quay.
  • Mazey Day - Saturday 25th June 2011
    Mazey Day centres around the parades and other street events in the centre of town.
  • Quay Day - Sunday 26th June 2011
    Stalls and musical events are held on the quay front. This day has a much more laid back feel to it, and is an ideal day to be part of the celebrations.


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