The Golowan Festival & Mazey Day 2007 Pictures


The golowan festival (Cornish for midsummer) is the festival of Saint John held in Penzance each year in late June. Although it is an old tradition, it was not practiced in the area until 1991 when a group of artists and local schools revived the celebration in order to remember the local area heritage. Read More

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mazey day obby oss penzance
mazey eve band procession quay
mazey day 8am set up
market jew street on mazey day morning
mazey morning before the crowds
st johns hall mazey day banners
st johns hall steps
penzance primary school banners
golowan festival penzance
golowan light house parade
green polo eye mazey day
green giant in 2pm 11am parade
mock mayor penzance leads the mazey parade
banner holders in the parade
mazey day 11am parade
mazey morning school parade
the light house school mazey parade
live music in penzance festival
pink puppets in the 2pm parade
indian pipe player mazey 2008
quay day 2008 parade weater
mazey flags quay day 2008
promenadde flags penzance sea front
green monster in the penzance festivals
chinese dragon mazey day 2008
humphry day schoolin mazey parade 2008
humphry davy pink dog scholl
mr royale from humphry davy 2008
the penzance pirate parade
wizard of the south west
2008 2007 08 07
fish in the parade
orange parade
mazey wizard

All Images by Anthony Edwards & Sophie Rogers. If you use any pictures, please credit this website